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Date: February 21, 2017
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I woke up this morning thinking “what should I write about today” and as I was putting my make-up on I decided why not start right here. We all have our morning rituals with some type of product. I happen to be a lover of make-up so I have many different products in my bathroom drawer. Because I do try to live as a minimalist I don’t always have extra items in there…but sometimes there are things that I buy to try and they just don’t work out. I think it happens to all of us. The trick is to not let those items take over our bathroom storage space.

The best way to keep your bathroom organized or to have a fresh start is to become friends with your garbage can. I know that sounds harsh…but once a product is opened and you decide you aren’t going to use it that is where it has to go. It may be hard to just let it go because you spent money on that item…but the truth is…it isn’t worth ($$$) anything any more. Once you handed over that cash…the money was spent. Keeping the item won’t bring the money back either. It will just bring back frustration as you are reminded of the purchase.

When you are ready to get started choose a day that you have a bit of extra time to get ready in the morning. Go through your usual routine using those daily products and after you have used each one set them aside. Now the focus is going to be on what is left.

If there is a face cream that you used a couple of times and decided you didn’t like the smell of…throw it out.

If there is an eye shadow that you used to wear before you had kids…throw it out.

Let the garbage be your friend…as it is going to help take away all those items that are no longer useful to you. (if you do have products that have not been opened they can be donated)

If there is a product that your hesitant to get rid of look at the label closely for the expiry date. That little picture of an open container is your hint. The number written on it is the length of time in months that that product is good for. If you think you opened it 3 years ago and the number is 6M…it is time to let it go.

Make-up has an expiry date on the label

Once you have purged all the yucky products you can go back to the ones you use daily. This is when a Sharpie marker is really handy to keep in the bathroom. Write the current date, or the approximate date that you opened the package on the bottom of it. That way… you can keep track of the actual expiry date and there will be no guessing. I can usually tell when my mascara is past due…but some people don’t use every product every day so it is hard to keep track. Keep that Sharpie in your drawer so that any new products can be dated right away.

Not only is it a good idea to keep a space uncluttered that you use on a daily basis but in this case it is good for your own health. Using a product that is past it’s expiry date can cause rashes and infections…and no one wants that!

Maybe you will find a new lipstick that you forgot about…and now you can spice up your lip color without going shopping!


If this project doesn’t sound appealing to you but the end result does…just let us know and we can help.







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