Let’s start small…organizing your purse
Date: March 15, 2016
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Messy Purse Organizing

Cleaning out your messy purse

Have you ever spent more than 5 minutes looking for something in the bottom of your purse?

Do things just seem to disappear into that abyss?

Step by step how to tackle that contained chaos…

1.       Pull out a garbage bag and lay it flat on the floor or bed…a pillowcase works as well…or maybe you need a bed sheet depending on how full your purse is. Once you have that protective layer down…it is time for the best part. Dump the entire contents of your purse! Be sure that you get everything out of the zipper compartments as well.

2.       After you spread everything out…pick out all the garbage and things that don’t even belong in there. There will likely be quite a bit of garbage and recycling that can go…like the odd gum wrapper or that receipt from the other day that you shoved in there. There may also be odd things that don’t belong like a hot wheel, or the earrings that you took off the other day because they were bothering you. (we have all done it)

3.       Sort all the objects that are left into like groups. All change and cash together, make-up, gum and mints. Decide what should be contained in a smaller pouch or bag so the loose items don’t always fall to the bottom. Maybe one for make-up would work if you have more than just a lip gloss with you. Your wallet should hold anything that is related to money or receipts.

4.       Place all items back into your purse while assigning zones for things like keys, wallet, phone and makeup.

5.       Once everything is back in place you can either roll up the garbage bag and throw it away or put the sheet/pillow case in the laundry.


It may seem like a bit much…but your purse should be cleaned out regularly (we suggest at least monthly) so that things don’t build up. It is easy to accumulate a large amount of garbage and extras in a short time. Just think of the receipts we seem to collect. We are required by most stores to keep the receipt for a return…so it just hangs out until we need it…or finally decide to throw it out.

Be sure to always put your credit or debit cards away right after using them. Not only for your security but also your wellbeing. There is nothing that causes more panic than not being able to find your card when you need it.


Now there is some weight lifted of your shoulder…literally!